the successful pressure test of reactor pressure vessels by cfhi-尊龙凯时

the successful pressure test of reactor pressure vessels by cfhi

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  it was conducted a pressure test successfully in one time for the first domestic generation ⅲnuclear power (ap1000 technology) reactor pressure vessels manufactured by china first heavy industries (cfhi) on june 8, 2014, which signifies that localization of main equipments of china nuclear power vessel came into a new historical stage.

  ap1000 nuclear power technology is the most safe and the most developed one in current global nuclear power market. reactor pressure vessel no.2 of sanmen nuclear power station in zhe jiang is the reactor type project of the first domestic generation ⅲ nuclear power technology ap1000. and cfhi took the manufacturing task of that project in the sense of responsibility of arm china stand in world .

  sanmen nuclear reactor pressure vessel no.2 was successfully conducted pressure test, which indicates that cfhi took the domestic leading in holding the core key technology of generation ⅲnuclear power ap1000 pressure vessel, and laid the solid foundation for advancing the overall developing by leaps and bounds of the technical level of china nuclear power industry and achieving independent and batched construction of chinese generation ⅲ nuclear power ap1000.